In Cologne for the International Dental Show this week? Make some time for a side trip to Berlin, home to an unequaled mix of Europe old and new.

Philharmonie, Kammermusiksaal

Germany’s capital city points the way forward with the swooping Berliner Philharmonie, erected in 1963, according to Lea Lane.

From the modern landmark Berliner Philharmonie to the restored ancient structure of the Reichstag (shown below), Lea Lane explores the German capital in the Spring edition of dental lifestyle magazine Incisal Edge .


Says Lane:

“Think of Berlin as a mouth with a lifetime of dental work inside: age-old choppers still doing yeoman’s work despite their years; crowns and fillings crafted and updated over the years; all of it side-by-side in a pleasing ramble of old and new.

The German capital dates to the thirteenth century, after all, and its (shall we say) complex history is on offer everywhere: in the ’20s-style Weimar cabaret scene in a restored cafe; in the hush of the stark, chilling Jewish Museum; in the graffiti-tagged remnants of the wall that once demarcated the Cold War’s front line; and in the eighteenth-century Brandenburg Gate, now a symbol of reunification.”


Round-trip boat ride? Gallery tour?  Let Lane’s suggestions guide you through your visit:


The glass dome that now sits atop the Reichstag is designed by famed architect Norman Foster.