Hopefully your dental patients haven’t met the night time nemesis: Teeth grinding.

If though, they suffer headaches, damaged teeth and jaw pain due to Bruxism, SOVA Night Guard offers an immediate solution.

sova-science-graphicRecently named Best Therapeutic Device in the Patients Product Category of the 2017 Dental Advisor Product Awards for the second consecutive year, SOVA is billed as “the thinnest, most comfortable over the counter (OTC) night grinding guard on the market”.

dental-advisor-2017“With hundreds of products to review each year, the task to pick the best of the best is not simple. Our editorial board spends weeks debating, discussing, and voting on products that fit our criteria for innovation, quality and excellence in each category,” Dental Advisor Editor-in-Chief Dr. Sabiha Bunek, stated in a release announcing the 2017 Dental Award Products.

According to its designers in Saline, Michigan at Akervall Technologies Inc., SOVA Night Guard is thinner than any other mouth guard, enabling wearers to drink and speak during use. The guard’s chemical memory allows up to 20 re-molds for adjustments to changing teeth or to improve comfort.

In short, SOVA’s “science of a better day” is built on impact absorption engineering and a polymer with unique properties. Its hard, non-compressible thermoplastic material is soft and pliable when placed in water warmed to 140 F, it fits snuggly around teeth, hardening in minutes. The material dissipates impact forces from teeth grinding through the surface of the guard and away from the teeth.

In addition to clinical and evidenced-based research from Dental Advisor, patient testimonials speak volumes:


For more info, visit: www.sovanightguard.com