Prior to 2016, Healthy Smiles Mobile Dental Foundation, Fresno, California provided complete dental treatment with their mobile dental van (illustrated above) to some 5,000 underserved children each year.

In 2016, with the “tremendous support from donations,” Tai Hartman, the organization’s Executive Director, said they were able to provide treatment for 7,250 children, and oral hygiene education for over 10,000 children in classrooms in the agricultural heartland of California.


Among their supporters: the Benco Family Foundation and the PRO-SYS® toothbrush Buy One, Give One effort. For every PRO-SYS® adult tapered or antimicrobial toothbrush purchased, the Benco Family Foundation will donate a toothbrush to someone in need, which helping all of us improve access to dental care around the globe.

Find out how you can help support Healthy Smiles in California’s Central Valley, where tooth decay is the number one chronic illness in children. (Five times more prevalent than asthma and seven times more prevalent than allergies!) at: