Watch Ya’ Mouth. Speak Out!speakout-large_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqopwlct4cfczrqrbbf9zazcku-nb9emmzlsitsj8ofcq

So say some of the most sought after interactive games of the season, according to51812560 and The Telegraph.

The challenge: A player states nonsensical phrases while wearing a cheek retractor, and his or her teammates attempt to interpret.

shutterstock_238278919Is it any surprise that a competition featuring spit, drool and slobber soared past the tuxedo-clad real estate mogul of Monopoly?  (Flashback to the last flavor of the month, Pie Face.)

In 2016, cheek retractor games by any name made leaps in popularity over other games, selling out in retail stores and online, after being touted on the Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier in the year, reported  in her story for the Australian news source.

However, months before Ellen, nighttime talk show host James Corden spotlighted similar hijinx on CBS Late Late Show, and early adopters in the dental community were hot on his heels:

Finding it impossible to finesse one of the famous maker versions? Fear not.  Create a lineup of s- and p-laden phrases, place an online order for  Extraoral Cheek Retractors and hilarity ensues.

Dentists as new millennium entertainment trendsetters?
Did you expect anything less from the profession that invented laughing gas in the early 19th century?