Quite a bit, if you’re supporting Cranberry USA’s ongoing social media campaign for Global Dental Relief.

15355752_1296314147093539_4821333907526528045_nTheir Facebook campaign (shown at left), which will run until December 31, offers anyone willing to offer a ‘Like’, a chance to help support children’s oral health. For every ‘Like’ received through month’s end, Cranberry USA will donate $1 to Global Dental Relief efforts.

“We believe strongly in providing dental care to children in developing areas of the world who do not have easy access to dental services such as restoration and preventive check-ups,” said Cranberry USA spokesperson Alen Kwong.

Kwong said the manufacturer of hand protective solutions for dental professionals has been offering assistance through Global Dental Relief since 2013, both in monetary contributions and supply donations to sponsored dental clinics in countries like Cambodia, Nepal (shown above), India, and Guatemala. This year, together with Global Dental Relief they provided dental care to over 16,500 children.

“This is something we are doing in addition to our sponsorships with Global Dental Relief. This Facebook campaign is our first time trying to raise awareness and committing additional support to help close out the year,” Kwong added.

Learn more at : https://globaldentalrelief.org/


 Children in Nepal during a Global Dental Relief visit in October, 2016.