Research says yes.

Kerr Corporation, parent company of CaviWipes™ surface disinfectant, created this video to help explain the myths associated with alcohol concentration.

Splatter from dental work can reach as far as 7 feet away, so the battle against cross-contamination is an important one. Viruses and bacteria have long lives, and many of them can live for days, even weeks in dried blood.

Approximately 1.7 million Health-Care Associated Infections (HAIs) are reported to the CDC every year, and over 90,000 of those infections result in death.

CDC guidelines for disinfection recommend you first remove any visible soil from the surface, then disinfect the surface.

According to Dental Advisor research on the effects of alcohol concentration with environmental surface cleaning and disinfection:

“. . . high-alcohol disinfectants were unable to consistently and effectively remove debris from surfaces . . .”

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