The reception are of White Brown Smiles in Columbia, South Carolina, today bears no trace of the catastrophe visited upon it less than a year earlier – a condition that’s testament to the steely determination of Dr. Kerry White Brown (above, center) and her husband Gregory Brown, to rebuild and improve the dental practice.

Last October heavy  rains caused great swaths of the Palmetto State to flood. Nineteen people died: damage was estimated at $12 billion. Into that last category fell Dr. White Brown’s practice, which flooded with up to five feet of water. “We had just added a 2.200-square-foot addition,” she says. “New chairs were still in their boxes. The new equipment was all destroyed.”

Just five months after the flood, Dr. White Brown and her team, who had been seeing patients at a second office across town, walked into their gleaming new 5,400-square-foot practice. She takes a philosophical view of the experience. “No one was hurt,” she says.
“We made out pretty easy compared to some, who lost loved ones. I was grateful that all we lost were things. Things can be replaced.”

Dr. Kerry White Brown shared three dental practice disaster survival tips with Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine. Learn from her experience, and  be inspired by Dr. White Brown and her dental and home teams: