A few weeks ago, a volunteer dental team on a mission of kindness in Puerto Cabezas served children 3 years of age and older, in addition to teens and adults who have no access to dental care.

The dental team from the U.S., operating in partnership with Operation Endeavor and Verbo Church of Puerto Cabezas conducted a dental clinic from October 22 to 30. Up to 70 patients per day were treated at the Verbo orphanage, at the Children’s Feeding Center, and at the ‘salubrista’ homes that function as medical triage facilities in the local community.    


Friendly Benco Dental Rep Rodolfo Rios, shown, volunteered in October as part of the ‘Operation Healing Smiles’ dental team led by his brother Dr. Rick Rios.

Leading the“Operation Healing Smiles” team on their efforts in Nicaragua: Dr. Rick Rios (shown above, second from left), whose practice is located stateside in Ashburn, Virginia

Among others accompanying Dr. Rios as part of the 100 percent volunteer team were his brother, Friendly Benco Rep Rodolfo Rios, and Benco Dental Master Service Technician Russ Jack.

    As a field dental clinic, “Operation Healing Smiles” focused primarily on cleanings and extractions, with simple fillings done, where clinically possible. These procedures alone dramatically improved the dental and medical health of these patients.  

    View a video in which Dr. Rios introduces the dental team, including Russ Jack and Rodolfo: https://youtu.be/VnSAjirDWeQ