Priority one for Reflective DryTips®: saliva absorbency.

But the newest moisture control product from Microbrush International aims to shine in other ways as well. The reflective backing helps illuminate the oral cavity during procedures to provide increased visibility.

They are also designed to aid in cheek retraction.

The Grafton, Wisconsin-based manufacturer develops and markets innovative disposable products focused on restorative dental procedures, with a mission to produce the best products possible and achieve total customer satisfaction.

With the launch of its newest moisture control product – Reflective DryTips®- the company continues to move beyond its core applicator business into new categories by leveraging its industry expertise.

According to Microbrush International, Reflective DryTips® provide ultimate saliva absorbency and don’t lose moisture when handled. They comfortably stay in place to provide complete coverage of the parotid gland and buccal mucosa.

Available in large and small sizes, Reflective DryTips® are designed for the following:

• Impressions

• Occlusal Adjusting

• Orthodontics

• Paint-on techniques

• Composites

• Cementation

• Fissure sealing

• Fluoride applications

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