Over the past four years, The Lucy Hobbs Project® has been introduced to some incredible women in dentistry. These women have persevered throughout their careers and have set the benchmark high in our industry, similar to Dr. Lucy Hobbs, the first American woman to earn a doctorate in dentistry.

Today, Benco Dental invites nominations for the 2017 Lucy Hobbs Project Awards, which will honor six exemplary women in the dental community.
Earlier this year, Dr. Mary Teddy Wray received the 2016 Lucy Hobbs Project Humanitarian Award, and spent a few moments with Incisal Edge contributor Elizabeth Dilts.
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Dr. Mary Teddy Wray was just 16 years old when she left her native country, Uganda, to attend boarding school in New York. She escaped political instability at home – Uganda was ruled at the time by the notorious Idi Amin – but in the U.S. she struggled with money while putting herself through school. first at New York University and then Georgetown, sometimes subsisting on nothing but bread and water.

That searing experience has imbued in her a spirit of giving at her practice in Bel Air, Maryland. The only den­tist in her area who accepts Medicaid, Dr. Wray- “Dr. Teddy” to many of her patients – also offers low-cost treatment at several local nonprofits, including SARC, the Sexual Assault/Spouse Abuse Recovery Center, which provides abused women money, legal assistance and a safe place to live.

“But there was no one to help them with their bro­ken teeth,” she says of SARC’s clientele. “I thought that if I gave them a smile it would help their self-esteem, and they could get a decent job.”

Through SARC, Dr. Wray began treating patients at Anna’s House, a shelter run by Catholic Charities for homeless women and their families. One of her patients there, a woman in her twenties eager to start beauty school, needed nearly all of her teeth replaced, a task Dr. Wray completed over two months – at no cost.

She now sits on the boards of SARC and three other organizations, raising funds for all of them. In addition to her practice, too, she performs reduced-cost dental services for the ARC Northern Chesapeake Region asso­ciation for disabled adults, and the Mason Dixon Com­munity Services group for low-income residents.

“The work is satisfying,” Dr. Wray says of her 24/7 humanitarianism. “The happiness you feel is because you helped someone else. It makes you warm inside.”


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Nominate before the November 18 deadline: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LucyHobbsProject2017