Dr. Benjamin Farrow thinks so.


Dr. Benjamin Farrow, DDS, FAGD

“Look at what you throw away. You don’t need to build a new office to do it. Look at what you waste and what you throw away, because patients do – patients notice,” he said in a recent interview with Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine.  “They’re expecting it of us.”

Inside Monroe Family Dentistry in Madison. Wisconsin, the environmentally friendly touches aren’t necessarily evident at first glance. And that’s exactly what Dr. Farrow and his team of seven intend.

Those subtle touches emerge gradually as you move through the space: sustainable flooring, recycled carpet, low-toxin adhesives and paints, plus reclaimed pillars, doors and furniture. (Even the practice’s toothbrushes are made from recycled yogurt containers.)

“The green doesn’t show up as a dramatic design element,” says Dr. Farrow, 38. “Our goal is that when you walk in, it feels like a home.”

Read more about how he incorporated environmentally friendly measures when he began designing his 1,600-square-foot space in 2009, and find out how you can self-audit your practice’s sustainability: here


RIGHTEOUS FLOW: Efficient faucets and toilets save the practice 16,500 gallons a year; (shown at top) a friendly reminder to be cognizant of water waste.