A company in Earth City, Missouri, aims to assist dentists in that quest.

Its new eco-friendly prophy angle, the Denticator Eco, is made with 25% less plastic than leading disposable prophy angles, according to the company.

In addition to using less plastic, the Denticator Eco 125 count box is made with 100% recycled fiber, while the 1,000 count box is made with 35% recycled content. Denticator Eco prophy angles also come individually wrapped in recyclable film.

“Disposable products are widespread in the dental industry because they help protect


Vicki Hunter Brand Manager at Young Innovations Inc.

patients by offering an effective means of infection control. But the downside is they create waste,” said Vicki Hunter, Brand Manager for Denticator. “That’s really what drove us to introduce a more environmentally friendly disposable prophy angle. Denticator Eco is a greener option because it’s made with as little plastic as possible and packaged in boxes made from recycled materials.”

Trimming down the amount of plastic used in the manufacturing of Denticator Eco resulted in a compact and ergonomic prophy angle with a small, rounded head for better maneuverability. The slim neck diameter allows clinicians to see more of the patient’s mouth and less of the prophy angle.

The exterior of the latex-free Denticator Eco cup has a leaf-shaped outline designed to reduce splatter and remove hard-to-reach interproximal stains. A textured eco leaf grip at the base of the body makes the prophy angle easier to handle.

Request a free sample: Visit www.denticator.com/sample-request to learn more.