Anything that can stain a white T-shirt will also stain teeth — and you’ve probably shared that warning – along with common culprits of extrinsic stains (coffee, tea, red wine, soda, berries – and smoking) with your patients.

Though these causes discoloration and darkening, leaving patients looking older than they really are, they are the easiest stains to manage and correct.

A healthy routine of brushing and flossing, along with a whitening treatment plan from you, will help your patients achieve their most beautiful, healthy and confident smiles. 

GLO Science, created by Jonathan B. Levine, DMD, presents the perfect solution for stain-removal and on-the-go whitening, anywhere, any time: GLO Professional In-Office Whitening.

As a follow-up, PRO to Go is an excellent stabilizer and maintenance tool that allows ab8f13b0-81da-4090-95ae-a42286a172e1patients to drink coffee and tea during the 24 hour post-procedure wait period. According to GLO Science, they are able to paint on some PRO to Go after drinking or eating to prevent stains from seeping into the enamel layers.   

Even regarding intrinsic stains, which occur inside the teeth and can develop during a tooth’s formative years or as teeth age (studies show that our teeth darken at least two shades every decade!), whitening can make a significant difference.

Monitor your patients’ enamel health by taking a shade at every hygiene visit and you can then recommend whitening, veneers or cosmetic restorations based on recorded enamel changes. 

Learn more about GLO Science Professional In-Office Whitening and PRO TO GO today through your Friendly Benco Dental Rep at 1.800.GOBENCO.

According to GLO Science, PRO TO GO is specially formulated for a gentle, even, and easy whitening and stain removal experience and great for younger patients (ages 14-21) and those with sensitivity. 

For more information about the science of staining, click here to read the GLO Science White Paper