Join Sleep Group Solutions (SGS) in Ft. Lauderdale on September 9-10, at the SGS Headquarters for a two-day dental continuing education sleep seminar. Course partners include Benco Dental, and Carestream Dental. Dentists owning a Carestream Scanner receive $100 off registration, along with 16 CEU for the course.

Attendees can expect to learn about sleep apnea prevalence, treatment and screening options, home sleep testing, instrumentation such as Rhinometer and Pharyngometer, oral appliances, medical billing, patient education and more. The September course is being held at the Sleep Group Solutions headquarters located at 2035 Harding St. #200, Hollywood, Florida.


Dr. Damian Blum

Instructor of the upcoming course, Dr. Damian Blum is looking forward to the companies coming together. “This will be an excellent course. Our partners for the course are juggernauts in the industry, and SGS knows sleep, this partnership will make for a great seminar,” says Dr. Blum.

During the dental sleep medicine September 9-10 Sleep Seminar, dentists and staff members will be able to see and demo the new 3600 Scanner from Carestream. Dentists currently owning a Carestream Scanner will receive $100 off the normal registration price of $995.

To learn more about the SGS two-day sleep seminar, or to register, visit:

Sleep Group Solutions offers the latest screening and diagnostic equipment solutions for patients with allergy, sinus congestion, rhinitis, deviated septum, nasal polyps, snoring and sleep apnea. An airway diagnostic technology company, Sleep Group Solutions serves the needs of physicians and dentists interested in screening, diagnosing and treating sleep apnea and other upper airway disorders.