Maybe you can’t have it all, but three designers from 4B collective recently shared with Business Insider a wish list to make the human body more high functioning – futuristic robot -style.

“Though we may possess the power of digestion and wound repair, the designers — Yvonne Lin, Whitney Hopkins, and Dan Formosa — point out that our skin is barely stronger than wax paper and our orifices are constantly leaking.”

As experts in the world of dentition, you’re intimately familiar with the strong suits and shortcomings. See if your opinion aligns with the group’s suggestions for Teeth 2.0.


“Great white sharks live roughly as long as humans, but their teeth are much better equipped to withstand the wear and tear. They regenerate multiple times, while humans only get one set of teeth that must last them into old age.

For instance, between 15% and 30% of adults over 65 have no remaining teeth, making chewing and speaking much harder.

The upgrade: Teeth that regenerate as the current set begins to lose its luster.”

View the trio’s proposals for the rest of the body (Spoiler alert: Body parts like the appendix, tonsils, and male nipples get the boot.):