For decades this legendary songwriter and musician has been slammed for his difficult-to-understand delivery. One day with the crew at the Benco Dental Cheek Retractor Challenge might make him feel like an exceptional enunciator.

Hosted by Matt Alles, Marketplace Product Manager for the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor, this dental gameshow features instruments by OrthoEssentials, and s-laden phrases such as “Hand me the scissors or scalpel, you fool!”

Matt, who when not marketing at Benco has been hosting live events as a DJ for over six years, shared insight for next round of contenders: “Honestly, those things make you salivate…a lot. I didn’t expect that!”

Contestant Ali Majikes (Benco Administrative Assistant) cited as the most difficult and laugh-track-worthy phrase: “Someone buy me a Braun toothbrush.”  Who knew Braun was so drool-worthy?

With hilarity in mind, Ali suggested a reprise of the Benny Hill theme ( a k a “Yakety Sax” by Boots Randolph) as musical accompaniment for future episodes. Could it nudge the Jeopardy “Think” music from its lead position among Greatest Game Show Theme Songs?

Does Alles aim to give ABC’s new Match Game’s Alec Baldwin a run for his money?
Will contestant Chad Carpenter (Benco Director of Technical Support) offer viewers at home the secret to superior pec flexing (Don’t miss the outtakes at 5:31!)?
Will contestant Jess Khalil (Benco Sales Analyst) share the magic she channeled to compete just one day post-root canal?
Will (Benco Video Production Coordinator) Eric Larsen win a Webby for editing?

Tune in for the next round of Cheek Retractor Challenge.

Now “Please pause and thank your dental hygienist.”