That’s one goal at every dental practice, right?

That’s why after 30 years of servicing dental vacuum lines, the creator of Oxevac Robert Gant decided to introduce a better option.

They observed the room for improvement among other cleaners, which they noticed were not properly cleaning and sanitizing. What followed was the introduction of their dental evacuation system cleaner, the environmentally friendly and made in the USA (patent pending) Oxevac.

Described as having “powerful peptizing fizzing action” Oxevac begins cleaning immediately, clearing evacuation lines of any build up, residue, and odor.

before-and-afterTheir website illustrates this with before/after imagery, at left, which aims to clearly demonstrate the benefits of Oxevac’s sanitizing efforts, which continues even when the pump at your practice is turned off. Their logic: Continuous usage ensures a clean evacuation system.

A video created offers an Oxevac ease-of-use overview:

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