In late September, dentists are invited to volunteer at Brighter Way Dental Center (formerly CASS Dental Clinic.) Below, shares four reasons it will change your life in four days:

1. You will change the lives of veterans, earn 34 CEU,  receive hands-on training, and gather confidence to practice innovative approaches including implant placement, bone regeneration, tissue engineering, and other surgical procedures.

2. The Brighter Way Dental Center in Phoenix, Arizona is the largest volunteer dental clinic in the United States, offering comprehensive dental care for the homeless. What began in a cramped trailer in 2001 is now a state-of-the-art facility, which operates solely on generous donations and selfless volunteers, and run by Kris Volcheck, DDS, MBA. (Dr. Kris Volcheck was named one of 10 activists awarded by the Robert Wood Johnson
Foundation for transforming health and health care in vulnerable communities.)

3.   This intensive Live Surgical course September 22 – 25 provides hands-on surgical training treating patients of various levels of surgical complexity. (Patients are pre-selected with various levels of surgical complexity to match your clinical skills.)

4. One day of lecture and workshops are followed by three days of live surgeries performed by participants (this means you!). Doctors will work in teams of two, together with one instructor with extensive implant experience mentoring the team during the procedures.

Brighter Way is working with Advanced Implant Educators to improve the oral health and self esteem of the men and women who have served our country.  Within this volunteer mission, attendees are changing lives, giving back to the community and at the same time, gaining valuable skills to treat their own patients.

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