Ellie Phillips, DDS, shown above during The Lucy Hobbs Project 4th annual Celebration hosted June 2-3  in Dallas, Texas, makes it her personal mission to improve people’s oral health through expert advice, personal empowerment, preventative dentistry and education about xylitol’s many benefits.

On her blog, Ultimate Oral Health Guide, she recently shared the following, along with a mesmerizing video created by  researchers from the Forsyth Institute in Cambridge, Mass. put together showing these bacterial communities in your mouth.

“Your mouth is full of bacteria — both good, protective, beneficial bacteria and harmful, disease-promoting bacteria. Just like with the bacteria in your gut, the goal for a healthy mouth is to promote the good, protective bacteria and keep the bad bacteria at bay. And guess what…xylitol does just that!”


Learn more about the 35-year dental professional with a special interest in caring for geriatric patients and special needs children and adults at her website: https://www.drellie.com/Ellie-Phillips-DDS.php

There she offers insight from a unique perspective (Dr. Ellie is a member of the American Dental Association, the New York State Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists with qualifications in pediatric and general dentistry, and an honorary member of the Eastman Academy, University of London, England) as well as a discussion of  her creation, Zellies, which are xylitol mints and xylitol gum made the naturally occurring substance that tastes like sugar, but has 40% less calories. There she details studies that show xylitol that it can safely protect and strengthen teeth, prevent decay, and help heal early cavities.