This week, the American Dental Association shared 7 Songs to Keep You Smiling This Summer,  and because research has proven smiles to be contagious, decided to keep the grins going.
According to the
“We tend to mimic the smiles or frowns of others because it helps us better understand what other people are feeling, allowing us to respond appropriately.”

Be sure to check out the ADA’s Summer Smiles Playlist:

But not before you see what we have in store, below:

The Jayhawks- Smile 


Weezer- Smile 


Van Morrison- Jackie Wilson Said (I’m in Heaven When You Smile) – Talent for miles.


Randy Newman “I Love to See You Smile” – How can you not be happy when you hear the opening notes?


Daryl Hall and John Oates – Sara Smile  (Thanks to Eric and Kelly from Benco Dental’s MarComm Department for remembering this one from the Philly favorites.)


Ryan Adams- La Cienega Just Smiled  Nothing upbeat about this one, but who says a song can’t earn a smile for sincerity alone.