James Vincent’s take on “psychopathic cartoon rabbits” that converge on the Kolibree smart toothbrush game offers a thorough and humorous explanation at TheVerge.com:

“This is the news that smart toothbrush makers Kolibree have teamed up with Ubisoft to create a new game to encourage teeth brushing based on the Rabbids franchise. If you haven’t come across the Rabbids before, then all you need to know is that they’re conceptually similar to the Minions. They’re small, cute, and speak in a made up language that manages to be totally comprehensible without containing any actual words. Their catchphrase is BWAAAAH and they are reportedly known for their “fun-loving approach to life.”

If the toothbrushing enthusiasm generated by Rabbids is similar to the reaction from my toddler daughter to the latest Minion movie, I need to know more.

Here’s hoping for maniacal laughter (toddler style) and foaming at the mouth (toothpaste style).

Read the full review: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2016/6/8/11881846/kolibree-rabbids-smart-brush