Earlier this year team members from one Dallas, Texas dental practice donated their skills to offer oral cancer screenings and support awareness and prevention of the disease.

Hygienists Kristen McGee and Judi Wyatt, from the practice of Richard A. Zweig DDS were on hand to help at the Oral Cancer Foundation’s inaugural  Oral Cancer Walk/5K Run for Awareness hosted on April 16 in Dallas.

The event goals: to help educate the community on the signs and symptoms of oral cancer which includes mouth, tongue and throat cancer,  to celebrate survivors and remember loved ones lost from this disease, and to provide free oral cancer screenings to the public.

According to Kat Ritchie, Office Manager for Richard A. Zweig DDS, their staff was able to raise more than $1,000 in just one week’s time to support the event, in addition to donating their time.

“Judi (Wyatt) was in charge of getting our crew out there to donate and/or volunteer,” said Ritchie.


Dental Hygienists Kristen McGee and Judi Wyatt from the team at Richard A Zweig DDS were on hand at the April 16 event in Dallas, Texas to help with oral cancer screenings and supporting awareness of the disease.

 In addition to screenings, refreshments, raffles, live music, inspiring speakers were available at the event to help spread awareness in the community and stress the importance of early detection, the key to survival. All proceeds from this event will directly support the mission of The Oral Cancer Foundation.

To learn more about the Foundation, visit: https://www.oralcancer.org/

To donate, visit: https://www.oralcancer.org/support-ocf/donations.php

Dr. Zweig and his team will host an open house event – in the form of an ice cream social, later this month, June 23, at the practice.

Said Ritchie, “This is an open house ‘Thank You’ for the other practices we work with, the professionals in our building, and our vendors. We want to let our neighbors and friends know we love and appreciate  them!!”

Ritchie joked that Dr. Zweig and the team want to see everyone brushing their teeth as a follow-up to the event.