Sick of squeezing the toothpaste tube to the bitter end, or reminding your roomies to replace the cap?

Tired of travel restrictions for your toothpaste?

Grossed out by gobs of toothpaste taking up residence in your sink?

Worried about traditional tubes that take 500 years to biodegrade?

(Annoyed by too many questions on a Friday afternoon?)

Poppits toothpaste may be the solution to five of the six concerns above.

These water-soluble pillows dissolve in your mouth as you brush, according to their creators, Alan Daly and Wayne Solan.

How Poppits work: simply take a Pod, pop it in your mouth and brush teeth normally. The softgel pod melts in your mouth releasing a burst of toothpaste.

In a recent interview with‘s Ronan Leonard, the business partners explained that Poppits Toothpaste Pods contain the right amount of toothpaste as recommended by dentists, to ensure that adults and kids aren’t using too little or too much. Kids’ Poppits pack contains three fruity flavors and colors.

“Traditional toothpaste tubes have been around for over 100 years. Our softgel pods are a revolutionary way to use toothpaste. It’s more hygienic, dentists love it, kids love it, less waste, reduces plastic pollution and is better for the planet. Not to mention there’s no more of that gunky residue that builds up on the nozzle of squeezed up tubes!” said Poppits CEO Wayne Solan to

Acccording to their website, Poppits packaging is made of the latest innovative material that biodegrades in landfills in under three years. The regular Poppits– minty bites of whitening toothpaste — are also described there as “perfect for travel” as they meet TSA requirements for carry-on luggage.



Poppits precise portions (say that six times fast) eliminates tubes to squeeze or lids to lose.

Find out what one creator has in common with imaginative Doc Brown character from the “Back to the Future” films, and learn whether Poppits will find a home in the International Space Station:

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