Amanda Seay, DDS, AAACD, a previous honoree of The Lucy Hobbs Project, recently shared her thoughts with Inside Dentistry.

Dr. Seay, who maintains a private practice in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, not only offered her personal backstory, but insight into the meaning she gained from receiving the award, which honors Exemplary Women in the Dental Community.

“Part of why this award is meaningful is because I can’t believe that someone believed in me and what I do—pursuing what I love and trying to be better at it,” she stated in her guest column.

“The Lucy Hobbs Project is a sign of change in this industry. A lot of women have great intentions when they come out of dental school and they want to be great at what they do. Then they have babies and their own practices, so they must learn to balance the two. The Lucy Hobbs Award is so great because it celebrates these women—they have families, they have careers, and their passionate about both, showing that it can be done and we can step into power and greatness.”

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