Seasons make a difference to Dr. Uyen N. Thompson and her team at Thompson Center for Dentistry in Chula Vista, California.

Eight times each year the practice dedicates its decorating prowess to mark the holidays, and during the growing season (pretty much year round), they dedicate acreage abutting  the 6,000 square foot dental practice to a citrus grove, vineyard (with table grapes), berry patch, farm area, and rose garden.

Dr. Thompson, one of this year’s honorees in the Incisal Edge 40 Under 40, honoring America’s Best Young dentists, said since taking over the practice she has added an orchard full of rare fruit trees and continues to farm year round.

Along with apple, nectarines, and avocado trees, Dr. Thompson has planted several varieties of mangoes, lychee, atemoya, jabuticaba, persimmon, loquat, sapote, and guava trees.  The farm area has two planting seasons.  After winter, Dr. Thompson plants zucchini, various squashes, cilantro, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, eggplants, watermelons.  In the summertime, she plants corn and pumpkins in time to be harvested for the fall.  The immense amount of fruits and vegetables that she harvests  throughout the year are given away to patients as they come in for their appointments.

“Better than the farmer’s market” is what many of the patients say.

View images of her team, their bountiful crops at:

Check out the seasonal decorations in a video report by CBS News 8 video reporter Larry Himmel: