What does a fight action film have in common with a dental practice?

The success of  both depends on efficiency and good casting. Just ask an expert in both areas: Eric Weinstock, DMD.

 When not overseeing his solo practice in Canton Massachusetts or educating students at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Eric Weinstock, DMD, steers his skills toward screenwriting.

Dr. Weinstock recently shared a behind-the-scenes peek at his latest project, House Rules, a fight action film starring Tom Sizemore, Brian Dennehy, Kevin Nash, and others, that is slated for distribution in late fall/winter this year.

“The whole filming experience was fascinating. I learned quickly how important running an efficient shoot really is. Time is money. Bad weather or tardy cast members can kill a budget. Fortunately everything went very smoothly.”

The team is considering all platforms for release,  understandable with the success of Netflix-exclusive programs, including original series House of Cards,  Orange Is the New Black and documentary Making a Murderer.

Though Rocky is among this screenwriter’s favorite films, he recognizes the challenges that accompany the genre.

“What I don’t like about fight action films and sci films generally is an over-reliance on special effects or action at the expense of a good story. A good plot and sharp dialogue are the keys to any good movie, and in my opinion should be paramount to the action,” said Dr. Weinstock. “Focusing on that, while still showing some kick-ass action was a real challenge.”

Earlier this year he shared a few thoughts on House Rules with thedailyfloss.com:

“It’s gritty, grimy and at times even a bit gory, and hopefully its intensity will translate to the screen.  It’s really a perfect vehicle for Tom Sizemore, who is a master at bringing a smoldering intensity to his characters.  [I’m] very excited to work with our lead actor, Jamie Nocher, as well.  He has completely committed himself to the character and is an excellent actor who is on the rise in Hollywood. Remember his name.”

Dr. Weinstock promises to keep thedailyfloss.com apprised of the film’s progress, as well as his other projects in the pipeline: Dan & Carla and Perfect Smile.

“Both are dramatic comedies, dark humor with a contemporary feel. Dan&Carla is a modern NYC love story with an interesting twist, and Perfect Smile is about a screwball womanizing dentist on the run (not autobiographical at all!)” he added.

While you’re waiting for the release of House Rules, why not check out Dr. Weinstock’s Top 5 films?

  1. Rocky
  2. Silence of the Lambs
  3. Goodwill Hunting
  4. Crimes and Misdemeanors
  5. Burn After Reading