Accept defeat, bacteria.

This means you Staph,  MRSA,  E. coli,  VRE, and Enterobacter aerogenes.

Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield‘s got your number — two hours — and it’s coming to a dental office near you. Within two hours of exposure on a painted surface,  99.9% of you will be dead.

Paint Shield does more than just cover walls. It’s the first EPA-registered microbicidal paint with exclusive patented technology that kills greater than 99.9% of bacteria that could be living on walls within two hours of exposure on painted surfaces.

“Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield is a great option for dentists who are particularly concerned about the spread of bacteria in their office,” said Megan Chuzas, CenterPoint Interior Designer at Benco Dental.  

“Not only does Paint Shield inhibit the growth of bacteria, but it actually kills bacteria.  And it is available in over 500 colors, which makes it easy for designers to specify on any project.”

Its effectiveness lasts up to four years, despite washing or repeated contamination. To learn more about how Paint Shield’s active ingredient – quaternary ammonium compound, or quat, gets the job done, click here:

Contact the CenterPoint Design team at Benco Dental to learn how your practice can incorporate Paint Shield: 1-800-GOBenco