Your dental practice communicates who you are, according to Dr. Myrna Rodriguez. A warm and welcoming environment is what the Orlando dentist envisioned for her practice. When she made a decision to renovate AV Dental, Dr. Rodriguez knew just who to call: Benco Dental and Clarion Financial.

“Invest in yourself and your practice. Patients like to come to a pretty office because it communicates who we are,” said Dr. Rodriguez, whose husband David contributes his talents to the practice as Office Manager.  “My Benco Dental sales rep, Olga Wells, has been talking to me for years about it. We attended a ‘Driven To Excellence’ event together and I was ready to get started.”

She references a visit to Benco Dental’s CenterPoint East design showroom, at the company’s Pa. headquarters. There, North America’s largest selection of dental equipment and technology, as well as a hands-on dental design experience, to assist dentists in the planning and construction of a new office, were available to Dr. Rodriguez.

As member of Pan American Dental Society, and the American Dental Association, Dr. Rodriguez places a priority on bringing dental advancements to her patients, including the latest technology, including Intraoral cameras, CAD/CAM, Digital X-rays, Panorex, and Rotary Endodontics. In tandem with her interior renovation, she included the purchase of a Vatech Pax-i Digital panoramic X-ray, which has the ability to reduce the exposure by 15% overall.

“I’m able to diagnose better with my new Vatech X-ray unit, I get to see my images immediately and patients are not scared of radiation,” said Dr. Rodriguez. “The technology gives a better patient experience and creates referrals.”

With her patients at the forefront, she did not want to inconvenience them with unavailability due to the practice renovations.  Dr. Rodriguez got her wish.

Clarion_DrMyrnaRodriguez2_“My project didn’t take a long time. I only had to close my office for a few days. Most of the remodeling was done during evenings and weekends,” she said. “It’s so pretty now.  I love my new and re-upholstered chairs.”

Dr. Rodriguez enlisted Clarion Financial to take the stress out of the financing process and help her bring her vision to life. With Clarion in the picture, she was able to finance the renovation of her 1,400-square foot Orlando practice, including equipment purchases, a $100,000-plus investment.

“Clarion Financial was very easy to work with. They were available to answer all my questions when needed. I received an adequate amount to complete my project comfortably,” added Dr. Rodriguez.

Now a renovation veteran, Dr. Rodriguez shares her positive experience and offers advice to her colleagues.

“Allow professionals to help you with your project. Don’t be afraid to make improvements in your practice and don’t even think about being your own contractor,” said the central Florida practitioner. “Patients comment all the time and traffic has increased tremendously. The staff is happy with improvements.”

Visit in person: Dr. Myrna Rodriguez,  AV Dental, 2506 South Semoran Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32822. For more information, call 407-273-4100 or visit

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