The hottest liquor of late among dentists of refined taste is white and it’s whiskey. Whatever you do, though, don’t use the M-word.

“‘Moonshine‘ is the popular name for America’s illicit backwoods liquor, typically made from grain and a healthy dose of cheap sugar, and offered in a mason jar. White whis­key, on the other hand, is whiskey straight from the stills of some highly respected producers, just without the barrel aging that imparts whiskey’s caramel color and second­ary flavors,” according to Jeffery Lindenmuth. The lncisal Edge spirits columnist has covered the world of premium tipples for publications including Bon Appetit, Men’s Health, Food Arts and Private Air.

“For the ardent spirits enthusiast, it’s akin to a rare chance to sneak a peek at your favorite whiskey au naturel – pure, beautiful, untroubled by oak … and with
a much slimmer likelihood that you’ll draw the attention of a dastardly revenuer.”

Learn Lindenmuth’s take on  the five fine mashes shown above in a photo courtesy of Eric Larsen. Read the full story in the  Incisal Edge spring edition:

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