Researcher, consultant and renowned speaker Dirk Beveridge identified Benco Dental as a company that wasn’t standing still.

That’s why he visited the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor in December to record a series of five podcasts.

The first podcast was broadcasted earlier this week, featuring Benco Dental Managing Director Chuck Cohen and Benco Dental Vice President of Marketing Paul Jackson, discussing the processes they have embedded into Benco’s culture, as well as leadership disciplines put in place to put the customer at the center of defining the distant horizon.

Four future topics include:

  • Culture (Feb 15)
  • Value Proposition (Feb 22)
  • Business Model Innovation (Feb 29)
  • Transformational Leadership (March 7)

In Dirk’s words, “78% of distributors believe they get trapped in the tyranny of the urgent and don’t focus enough on creating the company’s future. However, the Benco leadership team has an amazing commitment and discipline to (and I love how they frame this) … navigate to a distant horizon”.

To listen to the podcast (and future podcasts), click on the link below


innovate-book-e1425677220256Dirk Beveridge is the author of Innovate! How Successful Distributors Lead Change in Disruptive Times.