If you haven’t carved out a few minutes in 2016 to pay it forward, let today be your fresh start.

The deadline is at hand to nominate an outstanding woman in dentistry. Do you know a female in the dental community that’s setting new benchmarks? Or a groundbreaker who’s willing to implement new technologies? If so, nominate today: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LHP2016Nominations and let the Lucy Hobbs Project® Awards committee take it from there.

Powered by Benco Dental, The Lucy Hobbs Project® is a national, long-term program based on three pillars – networking, innovating and giving back.  Named after Dr. Lucy Hobbs, the first American woman to earn a degree in dentistry, this project aims to bring women together from all facets of the dental industry – dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, receptionists, sales representatives and others. The project is free to join and offers networking opportunities, education programs and charitable events.

Today, Benco Dental invites nominations for 2016 The Lucy Hobbs Project Awards Honoring Exemplary Women in the Dental Community. Benco Dental will host The Lucy Hobbs Project 4th Annual Celebration in Dallas, Texas, on June 2 and 3, 2016. The schedule will include one CE, a keynote speaker and lunch.

Please visit The Lucy Hobbs Project website for more information.

During the celebration, The Lucy Hobbs Project will honor women who are setting new benchmarks in the dental profession and beyond. Now, through the January 15, 2016 deadline, Benco Dental encourages people across the country to nominate women in dentistry who they view as inspirations to others. Six categories for consideration include:

·       Woman to Watch: An up-and-coming leader who utilizes her position to create positive change in the industry.

·       Industry Icon: A trailblazer who is consistently recognized and admired for her work in the dental industry.

·       Mentor: An advisor who recognizes the importance of supporting, educating and encouraging others.

·       Innovator: A groundbreaker who demonstrates a willingness to implement new technologies and business processes without fear of potential failure

·       Humanitarian: An altruist who works tirelessly for a charity or cause that benefits the well-being of others.

·       Clinical Expert: A skillful practitioner who embraces advancements and adeptly integrates them into patient care.

Individuals and organizations may submit nominations. Self-nominations are accepted. Contest entrants are directed to the 2015 Lucy Hobbs Project® Awards Nomination Form:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LHP2016Nominations

Among the 2015 Lucy Hobbs Award honorees are women whose unwavering professional dedication merits accolades: Dr. Luz Marina Aguirre, New York, NY, Dr. Lindsay Limbaugh, Huntsville, AL, BB Maboby Bahadarakhann, Newport Beach, CA, Dr. Kendra S. Schaefer, Madison, WI, Dr. Amanda Seay, Mount Pleasant, SC, and Dr. Esther M. Wilkins, Boston, MA. Read about their contributions to the profession in dental lifestyle magazine, Incisal Edge: https://viewer.zmags.com/publication/10683ba7 – /10683ba7/1

To learn more and sign up for The Lucy Hobbs Project®, visit The Lucy Hobbs Project® website at:https://www.thelucyhobbsproject.com