The company responsible for developing a left-handed toothbrush in the late 1980s, and having a pioneering toothbrush featured in the Smithsonian Design Museum, also offers oral health products sought out by Sting, and offers a flavorful floss surprise.
According to Radius, they not only offer 100% vegan-friendly floss in addition to their biodegradable silk offerings, but their selections deliver benefits to users:

“Our floss flavors weren’t just selected on a whim. We wanted them to have additional oral health advantages as well as a great taste, which is why we picked USA-grown cranberry for its antibacterial properties, and natural mint tea tree, a renowned antiseptic.

Additionally, for a hint of delicious sugar-free sweetness, we included Xylitol — a natural flavor enhancer (from USA-grown birch tree bark), which has been proven to reduce acidity in the mouth while preventing bacteria, making it a great asset in the fight against tooth decay.”

Learn how two architects dreamed up the Radius® Original® on the beaches of Tortola, restored a 16,500 square foot historic feed mill in Kutztown, Pennsylvania for their company’s home base and created a close-knit team, which today exists in a

solar-powered factory, and is women-owned and operated: