If you didn’t receive such glittering goodness (shown, courtesy National Museum of Dentistry) under your tree, perhaps you should pay a visit to  “Worth Its Weight: Gold from the Ground Up” to catch a glimpse before December 30, 2016, when the exhibit ends at the Museum of American Finance, a Smithsonian Affiliate museum.

Said gold dentures are included in the exhibit, along with a solid gold Monopoly board and a gold toilet seat created by acclaimed artist Sidney Mobell.

A recent feature by smithsonianmag.com tells how “together with artifacts, artworks and gold-based technologies, they tell the story of gold, its lasting allure and its continued importance to society.”

The exhibit also tracks the mineral’s uses in industries like technology and medicine. Because it’s malleable, noncorrosive and biologically inert, gold in its purest form of 22 to 24 karats is frequently used in medical technologies, including dental fillings, stents, pacemakers and even targeted cancer medications.

Read the full story and learn how oncologists can inject cancer patients with tiny gold nanoparticles as part of their treatment: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/all-gold-exhibition-180957489/#iXaYWB0sGaP2cmLL.99