WORKING IN SOMEONE’S shadow can be a source of great career frustration. Working in your own. however, presents maddening complications for dentists everywhere. Practitioners should there­fore give thanks that South Korean physician and engineer Dr. Kim Gichun has spent the last decade creating and perfecting the first shadow-free head lamp, according to a recent article in dental lifestyle magazine Incisal Edge.

Pure white dual beams of light from Dr. Kim’s dental head lamp ( $1.199) scatter the shadows created by your instruments and hands to provide a beautifully clear environment, untroubled by shadow, that will improve your work and lessen your eyestrain. Dr. Kim’s newest model, the DKH-50 (shown here), lightens the physical load as well – made of featherweight plastic. it tips the scales at just 100 grams yet is as durable as your work ethic. It’s wireless, too; a pair of Eco-Batteries allow full freedom of movement and up to 12 hours of continuous work time with just a two-hour recharge.

An attachable light-source cap enables you to move between transparent. warm, red and daylight to suit your needs, and the multi-focus lens permits a work distance of anywhere from 20 to 100 centimeters. Finally, modular optics mean you can replace or adjust the corrective lenses as needed, and the lamp will accom­modate an installable customized loupe or surgical telescope. It’s a head lamp with a bright future – and it’ll improve your working conditions beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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