Multitasking while you brush? Storing your wet toothbrush in a travel case? Following the trends of juicing and drinking apple cider vinegar?’s got a slideshow worth a few moments of your Sunday morning media time.

Reporter Lauren Oster’s interview with two New York City pros: Alice Lee, DDS, an assistant professor in the Department of Dentistry for Montefiore Health System, and Alison Newgard, DDS, an assistant professor of clinical dentistry at Columbia University College of Dentistry, might convince you to shift a few habits or proceed cautiously with trends.

For instance:

On multitasking: “Every minute in the morning feels precious, so it’s tempting to brush your teeth in the shower or while scrolling through your Twitter feed. ‘To each his own,’ says Dr. Newgard, ‘but I prefer patients to be in front of a mirror, over the sink; you can be sure to hit all the surfaces of your teeth, and you’ll do a more thorough job when you’re not distracted.’ “

On damp travel cases: “Bacteria thrives in moist environments,” says Dr. Lee. “While you should use a cover or case during transport, make sure you take your toothbrush out and allow it to air dry when you reach your destination.”

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