Sikka Software announced recently that Benco Dental’s Practice GPS Navigator V2 application, which includes new features and upgrades to its real-time dashboard for dental practices, is now available via the Sikka Platform Cloud. Sikka Software connects the Practice GPS Navigator with 96 percent of dental practice management software to provide easy-to-use, widespread access to data that is integral to a practice’s growth and success.

Through Sikka’s Platform Cloud, Practice GPS Navigator users are able to access their practice’s data anywhere, anytime. Additional features include:

  • Benco Progress Report: The Practice GPS Navigator provides a comprehensive report based on a practice’s business over the past 12 months, helping dental offices identify key opportunities for growth.
  • Track Key Statistics: By favoring the most important reports and key performance indicators (KPIs), dentists can find the data they need on the topics that matter most to their individual practice, including the ability to track progress over time using fee schedules, patient statistics and accounts receivable reporting functions.
  • Benchmark Against Peers: The Sikka Success Score™ provides a combination of the most important dental practice KPIs, calculated to deliver new, in-depth descriptions of each metric. Using percentile ranking, dentists can focus in on 30-day reporting or look at the big picture with a detailed view of the last 12 months to see how they compare to practices across the nation.
  • Leading Customer Support: Using the app, dentists can now stay better connected with Benco, an industry leader in customer support. This integration allows for quick information and practice insights designed to improve patient interaction and financial operations.

John Woehrle, assistant vp, dental sales at Sikka Software:
“Dental practices often struggle to obtain insights and turn them into actionable metrics that will help them improve productivity and profitability. Practice GPS Navigator V2 will increase the dental office’s ability to track their performance over the short and long term, focusing on the numbers that are most important to the individual practice. Through this ongoing partnership, we are able to further optimize dental practices.”

Kathleen Bird, business innovation strategist at Benco Dental, said:
“Benco Dental is excited to announce the Practice GPS Navigator Version 2 debut. The ease of navigating Version 2, locating reports and KPIs, along with marking key items, as favorites allows offices to use the Navigator in a more efficient manner. The feedback from our beta offices has been very positive.”