In 2013 it was Crest and OralB’s prank on tiny consumers. This season it’s a CrossTex redux on a seasonal smash hit.

Hypothesis: The dental industry rocks the holidays.


Exhibit A:

Replace Halloween candy with healthy treats? Costumed toddlers tackled this topic in 2013 as part of the funniest focus group going (shown above).

Seven million views on YouTube proved for Crest and OralB that a little humor goes a long way.

Asparagus and beet-flavored candy is met with vom and very strong language “It tastes like poopy piñata!”

Exhibit B:

Party City hasn’t cornered the market on masks. CrossTex touts the “Monster Mask” in its effort to build awareness for  Secure Fit Technology Face Masks and airborne pathogens.

Its mode of communication: A parody of a parody that graced the Billboard charts in 1962 and 1973,  the Monster Mash.

A sampling of the CrossTex lyrics:

“As he read a dental journal late one night it said aerosols and splatter are an awful fright. They’re just like little monsters, a real threat to you. So whatever was this poor DDS to do?

He saw the mask. He saw the Monster Mask.

A different mask. It’s a real dental smash.

He saw the mask. It’s truly unsurpassed.

A different mask There’s one for every task.”

You get the idea.

While’s process might be slightly less than scientific, it would certainly win a few votes in Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.