In an era where everyone is doing more with less and prioritizing to make the best use of their time, the nation’s largest privately-owned dental distributor is fitting hugs into their daily routine.

At ‪‎McKeeDental‬ in Matthews, North Carolina, Dr. Victoria Malz, Dr. Ryan Woodman, and Office Manager Diana recently received a surprise visit from Benco Dental Regional Manager Brad Bingaman, Service Manager Mike Whitlock, and Friendly Benco Rep Joseph Liebau. On the agenda: Saying thanks for being such a loyal customer and providing a Benco Brand assortment of products for the practice!

A few weeks later on Facebook, a photo appeared, along with this note:

Week 1: ‪#‎HugACustomer‬ visits Charlotte, North Carolina

Dear McKee Dental,

When you relocated your practice from Long Island, NY, to Charlotte, NC, you kept Benco Dental on your team. 

We’re thankful for your long-distance loyalty!

From Benco With Love xoxo

If it seems like being nice is part of the Benco Dental credo, well, it is. Smiling is even part of the company slogan “We deliver success, smile after smile.”

The national dental distribution company’s Vice President for Culture and People had this to say: “At Benco, we greatly value customer loyalty, and in fact, have a ‘Hug Each Customer’ strategy team to focus solely on customer and associate satisfaction.  Making ‘Thank You’ visits to customers like McKee Dental is just one of the actions we take to show appreciation and learn how to continually improve.”

To good to be true? Think back to the original “Nice Guy” Jimmy Stewart, a big screen legend who also hailed from Pennsylvania (home to Benco Dental’s founder Ben Cohen). According to a feature:

“By all accounts, Jimmy Stewart was as nice in real life as so many of the characters he played in the movies were. He was, in contrast to so many other celebrities, a refreshingly regular guy in his daily life.”

Sometimes people truly are as nice as they seem.

Benco Dental aims to prove it one hug at a time.