This might be the best news I’ve heard all week: among the helpful tips shared by InStyle magazine to protect red wine drinkers from stained teeth is pairing wine with hard cheeses and high fiber foods, such as potatoes.

I doubt they meant melted cheese and french fries, but a girl can dream.

Brussels sprouts and broccoli are probably more effective.

On another note, according to, switching to white wine is not the answer, either:

Skip the white wine. While red wine might stain your teeth, white is actually more damaging. “Wine contains tannins that bind to the surface of teeth and acid which reduces the mineral content of teeth leading to erosion of the enamel,” Dr. Alokh Persha says. “Different wines are acidic to different degrees and white wine generally causes more tooth erosion than red wine.”

InStyle also mentioned an intriguing product known as the  Wine Wipes Compact ($8).

I’ll investigate and report back.

In the meantime, remember to brush your teeth before you head out for cocktails. (And after you nosh on that high fiber broccoli. You don’t want green bits accessorizing your smile.)

Seriously, though, Dr. Persha told InStyle that advance brushing helps prevent stains, because plaque and tartar on teeth are magnets for red wine, and tend to worsen the stain.

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