By Kelsi Matylewicz/Benco Dental Social Media Intern

The Retirement Research Foundation has donated funding in order to help the  Oral Health America’s Tooth Wisdom: Get Smart About Your Mouth,  education workshop for  older adults in the community. According to the OHA press release, “The $60,076 foundation grant is the first for OHA’s Wisdom Tooth Project® outside of the dental community.”

Tooth Wisdom: Get Smart About Your Mouth features a curriculum designed to empower older adults with knowledge and a sense of self-efficacy to care for their oral health.

Trained dental hygienists will lead the workshops in places such as: senior centers, libraries, and places of worship. The Retirement Research Foundation grant will in part fund the expansion of the workshops to four additional markets in 2015.

OHA President and CEO Beth Truett said,

“We are honored to receive this funding from The Retirement Research Foundation; we appreciate their recognition that oral health is essential to healthy aging.”

“The Tooth Wisdom: Get Smart About Your Mouth workshops are designed to reach the 92 percent of older adults who are aging in their communities, and we look forward to expanding the pilot in 2015.”

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