Efforts to create awareness of colon cancer have taken giant leaps in Northeast Pennsylvania, thanks to C.A.S.U.A.L. Day (Colon Cancer Awareness Saves Unlimited Adult Lives) and the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute.

Annually, the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute hosts an event in March in memory of Helen Phillips, a courageous woman who fought a battle against colon cancer and died in the summer of 2002. Organizations or businesses involved in C.A.S.U.A.L. Day, can potentially save the lives of friends, co-workers, and family by raising awareness of proper screening guidelines and preventative measures. By donating funds to dress C.A.S.U.A.L., they not only spread the word about colorectal cancer prevention and screening, but also raise money for the cause.

Colon and rectal cancers are one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers in areas of Northeastern Pennsylvania, with incidence rates 10% above the United States average.
One national dental distribution company with its home office in Pittston, Pennsylvania has participated the past few years.

Benco Dental Culture and People Talent Specialist Florence Marchesano was recently interviewed on the company’s efforts and how she got involved with C.A.S.U.A.L. Day.

How did you first hear about CASUAL Day?
I heard about CASUAL Day through one of my previous mentors from The University of Scranton. He told me about the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute and about CASUAL Day and when he heard that I would be one of the leaders of the Community Boosters with Benco.

Why do you participate in CASUAL Day?
I asked if we could participate in CASUAL Day at Benco because raising awareness for this particular cause is close to my heart. My mom passed away from colon cancer when I was 16. Giving back is a part of Benco’s culture. Our associates are very generous to numerous charities throughout the year and Benco matches our associates’ donations dollar for dollar.

What is your favorite part about being a team captain?
My favorite part about being a team captain for CASUAL Day is hearing why this cause is important to our team. When the associates come in to place their orders for CASUAL Day, they always share with me why they’re happy to participate – whether it’s in honor of or in memory of someone, or just because!

To read the full story: https://cancernepa.org/news/benco-dental-supports-casual-day-2/