According to, the number of teeth a shark grows and uses during its lifetime can be extensive – some sharks use more than 30,000 teeth in their lifetime. That’s roughly 937 times the number of teeth the average human has!

Perhaps because dentists find an affinity for their dentition, Shark Week provides an opportunity for dentists to pay homage to these toothsome inspirations.

It stands to reason that Benco Dental‘s CenterPoint Design Manager Tommy Kearns (courtesy of his young son TJ) would provide the most visually intriguing Shark Week snack at the dental distribution’s home office in Pittston, Pa.

And practitioners across the nation are using social media to share everything shark, from glassware to kids’ crafts. View a few below and get in on the fun before the week is over:

Fun drinking glass shared by Pediatric Dentistry of Brandon:

Paper plate craft shared by Kanawha City Pediatric Dentistry:

The Smile Generation points out shark’s with braces, what a sight.

Imagination Dental Solutions wanted to share some facts about shark teeth: