Dental Products Report and Instrumentarium Dental have joined forces to produce an e-book that discusses dental implants.

Many Key Opinion Leaders are referenced in a Q&A format that discusses who should be doing implants, potential revenue streams, and mistakes to avoid.

Take a look at the true/false questions and test your implant IQ.

1. True or False: All GPs should be surgically placing implants.

2. True or false. Dental implants is currently one of the most untapped revenue opportunities for dentists. 

3. True or False: Mini implants are equivalent to larger root form implants in reliability and functionality.

4. True or False: Cement-free solutions offer enhanced flexibility and reduce the risk associated with cement excess. 

5. True or False: The latest advances in digital imaging are key to a successful implant case. 

See how many questions you can answer correctly, then check out what the industry experts had to say.

Find the correct answers in the free downloadable e-book, written by Dr. Terry Work DDS at: