In tandem. In balance. In sync. Each phrase accurately describe the way Benco Dental’s CAD/CAM Bootcamp training session taking place in Chicago today conveniently aligns with the June 30 leap second.

In case you didn’t read about it on or in your Twitter feed, #leapsecond, the one extra second in your day June 30 evolved from a natural occurrence. explains it succinctly:

2015 is not a leap year, but it does have a leap second, set to take place Tuesday (June 30) at 7:59:60 p.m. EDT (23:59:60 GMT).

“Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down a bit, so leap seconds are a way to account for that,” Daniel MacMillan of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, said in a statement.

Ask any person the length of a day, and she’ll say 24 hours, which equates to 86,400 seconds. But the time it takes for Earth to rotate on its axis relative to the sun, called a mean solar day (or the average length of a day) is roughly 86,400.002 seconds. This happens because Earth’s rotation is slowing down, thanks to a kind of braking force caused by the gravitational tug of war among Earth, the sun and the moon, researchers at NASA said.

(Photo courtesy David Gardner/Benco Dental)

The Benco Dental team stays focused during a two-day CAD/CAM Boot Camp training session in Chicago. (Photo courtesy David Gardner/Benco Dental)

Pat Arsenault, Director of Equipment & CenterPoint Services for the nation’s largest privately owned dental distribution company weighed in on the serendipity of the leap second and Benco Dental’s two-day CAD/CAM Boot Camp training session: “It’s our last Bootcamp in Chicago.  They have been so fantastic and so jammed packed with information, they had to add extra time onto today.”

He joked, “Today will be one second longer to accommodate the amount of material we need to cover.

Arsenault referenced one of four events hosted across the United States to provide education and hands-on experience for the Benco Dental team around Benco’s OneVisit™ solution, which includes IOS TS150, 3M True Definition Scanner and the Roland Mill. waxed poetic on the leap second:

Maybe you think this is inconsequential. Even discussing it might seem like a waste of precious time. After all, how much can you get done in one little second? And don’t the really important things in life take time? Unless you work in a high-precision industry, or you’re watching an online clock on June 30 at midnight UTC (8 PM Eastern), you might not even notice this little gift of time.

But a lot can happen in one second.

Did we just steal your extra second with this post? chooses to think that any time spent floss is always worthwhile.

Time flies when you’re having fun.