By Alison Majikes/Special to

“Age 23. Can I play?”

These two sentences comprised the sign that 23-year-old dental student Ryan Luxenberg held up when he attended a U2 concert in Montreal on June 16.

Luxenberg, a longtime fan of the band that formed in 1976, before the dental student was born, attended the concert alone at Montreal’s Bell Center and stood as close as he could get to the stage while holding up his sign. His hope: that one of the band members would notice him, according to an article on

The simple, five-word sign caught the attention of U2 front man Bono, and before Luxenberg could say “don’t forget to floss”, he was on stage jamming with The Edge and Bono in front of 22,000 people.

When the dental student got up to the stage, Bono asked him “What do you play?” Luxenberg replied, “anything.”

The newly-minted YouTube sensation, who just recently began signing lead vocals in a few bands, exchanged a few more words with Bono before he decided on “Desire” from the 1988 album “Rattle and Hum”

According to the article, Bono directed The Edge to give the student his electric guitar and Bono gave his acoustic guitar to The Edge before they started to play.

“It was a cool moment, I have to say,” said Luxenberg about getting to play the guitar used by one of the greatest guitar legends of our time.

Find out if this was a planned impromptu jam session or an organic meeting:

Alison Majikes is a Special Markets Representative at Benco Dental. U2 happens to be her favorite band, so she’s hoping to have the same experience when she sees them live in NYC this July 22.