reported recently that with age, postmenopausal women with osteoporosis are at greater risk of losing their teeth. But that doesn’t mean their quality of life needs to suffer.

A new study by Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine researchers suggests dental implants may be the best route to take, according to Leena Palomo, associate professor of periodontics and corresponding author of “Dental Implant Supported Restorations Improve the Quality of Life in Osteoporotic Women.”

From a survey responses of osteoporotic women with one or more adjacent teeth missing (excluding wisdom teeth or third molars), researchers drew conclusions regarding satisfaction in their work and social lives.

Women with dental implants reported a higher overall satisfaction with their lives, said Christine DeBaz, a third-year Case Western Reserve dental student. She was lead researcher on the project and personally interviewed each participant.

Fixed dentures scored next highest in satisfaction, followed by false teeth and, finally, women with no restoration work.

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