Many young people today may be dreaming of becoming a dentist or hygienist when they grow up, but in reality, going to school for a career in the dental field can be a bit pricey, making that dream unattainable for some.

Lucky for the future dentists and hygienists, an article on (US News and Word Report) recently posted an article with scholarship opportunities for dental programs around the country.

The article mentions that when searching potential scholarships for which to apply, a student’s first stop should be the American Dental Association.

“The ADA Foundation supports oral health education programs through various grants, scholarships and awards – many of which you could be eligible for.”

Researching scholarships should be one of the first items on the to-do list of a dental student, considering the average dental student graduates with more than $200,000 worth of debt.

After you check the ADA website, head on over to the American Dental Education Association, which offers many different scholarships to students pursuing careers in the dental industry.

The dental world is full of scholarships for young, eager students —all they need to do is a little research. To find out more about what’s available, follow the links below: