In her Inside Dentistry article, “Four Moves for More Profits,” Jennifer Weintraub poses the question (What does it take to make a practice thrive today?) and then graciously provides the answers, with input from industry experts.

Vital to the process is an honest assessment of your dental practice, followed by a review of opportunities in the areas of marketing, technology, staff, and self-advancement.

“With all the choices, sometimes dentists know everything they could do, but they don’t know what they should do,” says Naomi Cooper @naomi_cooper, president of Minoa Marketing and chief marketing consultant for Pride Institute.

Cooper advises her clients that deciding on branding (ie, the practice name and logo) and building a website are steps zero and one. The branding should communicate clearly and be consistent, no matter where it is used, she explains in Weintraub’s report.

Sound complicated? Not at all.

Weintraub makes the process actionable with simple steps, even including sound business snippets for new practitioners, such as this one from Roger Levin, DDS and Chairman and CEO of The Levin Group:

“New practitioners need dental knowledgeable people. One of the biggest mistakes is using the family attorney for a dental contract. The family attorney doesn’t have enough experience in that area. You need an attorney and an accountant and you might want a consultant or a broker, but you should surround yourself with experts.”

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