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Turns out friendly dentists can do more than give you a good smile … they can make you laugh.

Take South Tampa Dentistry for example.

It’s inevitable that when you’re the first pick in the NFL draft, you’re going to be the target of a ton of free gifts, but South Tampa Dentistry figured that a free checkup is the least they could offer a newly minted star.

When college footballer Jameis Wintston was recently chosen by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the number one pick in the NFL draft last week, one local dentist rolled out the red carpet.

The freebie seems like it came with one catch: the dentist required Winston to have a sense of humor.

According to an article on, the dental practice posted a message on the outdoor billboard: “Free Dental Exam For Jameis But No Crab Legs.”

If you’ve been out of the loop on the media circus that surrounded the player during his college years, the former Florida State University quarterback had been linked to a crab legs-related controversy last year at a local Publix grocery store.

Winston has moved forward, even posing with a plate of crustaceans during his draft celebration.

His potential new practitioner must hope he’s seeking a dentist who can crack wise as well.

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Alison Majikes doesn’t recall her college (Go State!) grocery budget including crab legs, but she’s not judging.