Is there anyone between the ages of 7 and 17 who wouldn’t love to see an H2 Hummer outside the school’s entrance waiting to chauffeur him or her to any destination?

A free ride — in red-carpet style — is just what the doctor ordered for students in Plains, Pa.

The first orthodontist in Northeast Pennsylvania to offer this service: Dr. Brian Miller, Orthodontic Specialist of Waterfront Orthodontics.

His practice’s Smile Bus — a five passenger, H2 Hummer  — transports students to and from orthodontic appointments that are scheduled during school hours.

“The Smile Bus will make life easier for our patients’ families. Waterfront Orthodontics recognizes the challenges that working parents and guardians encounter when trying to schedule orthodontic appointments and worked to overcome that challenge,” said Dr. Miller, a dad of three.

After each appointment, a “Report Card” will be issued via e-mail to the practice with any important information regarding the appointment. Good grades are to be expected from Dr. Miller, the salutatorian of his dental class at the University of Pittsburgh in 2000.

Orthodontic offices around the country have implemented similar services with great success. The formula that works: A convenient, fun, unique and safe mode of transportation that keeps time away from school to a minimum.

Of course,  a school permission slip is required. Then it’s full speed ahead to straight teeth.